Global Private Aviation

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INTERLINE GLOBAL´s General Aviation Desk specializes in ground transportation and limousine service to private aviation and jet charter clients.

Whether you’re taking off from a small private airport or landing at an international landmark, we provide you with the perfect organisation and flawless experience to meet our clients expectations and desires. Our standard fleet offers the latest models of German luxury car brands and our professional chauffeurs are briefed to perfection.

We are on time, at all times , and provide your clients with service updates at every phase of their journey. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No mailbox, no call center; for your comfort and convenience.


No matter where you are in the world and where you want to go, send your booking request by email or call us at any time of day or night at our central service line. You will get confirmation within the shortest time possible—in urgent cases within minutes.

  • Standard response time within the hour
  • Phone 24/7: +49 (0) 89 9580 81 - 30
  • Never a mailbox, never a call center
  • Mail:


We don´t leave things to chance—our professional chauffeurs are immaculately briefed and their contact details are available for you a day in advance. Prior to the flight, we call the handling agent to check the status, followed by a second check one hour prior to service. You will receive an email when your chauffeur is on site including his/her name, cell phone number and all pertinent trip information.

In the case of changes to your booking (i.e. a trip reschedule or a delayed flight), you will receive an amendment within 30 minutes.

  • Multiple flight status checks pre takeoff
  • Prior to ETA passenger check reconfirmation
  • Exact driver briefings
  • Trip info including driver, car and number


You will be notified as soon as your passenger is in the limousine. He is now in the hands of our professional chauffeur who will make sure that your guest feels safe, comfortable and perfectly taken care of on his journey. You will receive a further notification when your passenger is dropped off at his destination.

LIVE +++
  • In position email
  • Passenger on board notification
  • Drop-off notification


Invoices are usually sent within a few workdays.

  • Price Stability Review
  • Billing